How to Eat With Braces

how to eat with bracesIf you’re concerned about how to eat with braces, you are not alone. Here’s how to eat safely with braces. Learn more about what to avoid and what to eat. You may even be surprised to find out that some foods are better for you with braces. To start, avoid sticky, chewy, or crunchy foods. And, if you want to eat healthy and nutritious foods, avoid eating raw vegetables.

Avoid eating hard or crunchy foods

While you might be concerned about your teeth, it is not essential to refrain from eating certain foods while wearing braces. You can eat soft and bland foods and avoid eating hard or crunchy ones. However, avoid eating ice cream or other hard or crunchy items. Hard or crunchy food can damage your braces, dislodging brackets and damaging the archwire. However, many types of soft foods can be eaten while wearing braces.

Avoid biting into or “biting off” foods

While popcorn is usually safe to eat with braces, be aware that you need to be careful not to bite off the kernels or slivers. Hard pretzels or thin pretzel sticks may also damage braces. Lastly, avoid chewing on ice and hard candies. These items are too hard to chew on and may break the wires. Instead, try to eat only one corn chip at a time.

Avoid eating sticky or pokey foods

For the first two years of having braces, you might be afraid of sticking to a bland, soft diet. Although you’ll need to avoid hard and sticky foods, you can enjoy a variety of delicious treats. You’ll need to be aware of which types of food are safe for braces, and how to prepare them. Here are a few examples. All of these foods can damage your braces, but there are ways to prepare them safely.

Avoid eating raw vegetables

If you have braces, you need to avoid some foods while eating. For example, you should avoid raw peaches and pears, as they can damage your braces. You should also avoid hard raw vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. If you can’t avoid raw vegetables, consider cooking them instead. This way, you won’t be destroying your braces in the process. In addition, you won’t be damaging your teeth, either.

Avoid eating nuts

Whether you have braces or not, you may want to avoid nut-based snacks while wearing your braces. Not only are nuts hard on teeth, they can also break into small pieces and lodge themselves in the braces. The nuts might break in your braces and cause you to have to go to the dentist. You can avoid eating nuts by choosing soft, spreadable nuts, like peanut butter, instead. These are great snacks that are easy to eat, but you’ll want to avoid eating them if you’re wearing braces.

Avoid eating popcorn

There are many ways to avoid eating popcorn while wearing braces. Popcorn contains unpopped kernels that can get stuck and cause damage to your braces. Instead, opt for soft corn puffs covered with cheddar cheese. Popcorn contains a lot of sugar and should be avoided while wearing braces. You can also try eating popcorn chips, which are popped yellow corn with a softer crunch. These snacks can be very satisfying.

Avoid eating peanut butter

While many people enjoy the delicious taste of peanut butter, it is best to avoid it when wearing braces. This sticky spread can cause cavities and damage to the braces. It is best to eat peanut butter in small quantities and brush your teeth thoroughly afterward. To make sure that your braces stay in good condition, you can brush your teeth regularly and avoid sugary foods like ice cream. Avoiding peanut butter when wearing braces isn’t difficult, but you should make sure to be careful with your dental hygiene.

Avoid eating hard candies

While hard candies might be tempting, they are bad for your braces. The sticky texture of hard candies can get stuck on your braces and be difficult to remove. If you chew on them for too long, you may cause loose brackets or break wires. Plus, the sugar in hard candies can damage your teeth and gums. For this reason, hard candies should be avoided during treatment.

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